Hi there! I’m a native New Yorker inspiring the Pro-aging Woman through fashion and lifestyle.


My Mission

I believe this is the “New Age of Aging”.

Pro-Aging is about living a life of “possibility” and “choice”; that is, choosing to be relevant and visible rather than to quietly disappear; choosing to challenge the challenges and to dispel the stereotypes. Choosing to express who we are, to be who we are and to dress as we want. Choosing to live as a reflection of our wisdom, our years of acquired knowledge, our intuitive instincts, our uniqueness, our creativity, our dreams; while celebrating and appreciating our individuality. Choosing to encourage and uplift each other; rather than to compete and judge.


About Meri

I am a Pro-Age Advocate and Creator of the Instagram Page allowing me a platform to build this amazing community of fabulous formidable women..who want to share, inspire and uplift each other. It’s actually a passion project that’s enabled me to realize a life long dream..and it has taken me places I never thought it would. It’s been such an unexpected pleasant surprise.

During my years as a fitness and wellness professional,  I began searching the internet for activewear and street styles for my workouts to nights out.  While doing so, I came to the realization that there were no sites specifically targeted to  the stylish, sophisticated, urban woman that DOES NOT just want to age gracefully; but, rather dares to age BOLDLY and FIERCELY. 

So, it organically became my passion, which still remains to this day at the vibrant age of 66, to scour through various on line stores in an effort to locate edgy, chic fashions that could work for the older active woman.

That is how @uber.chic.over.60 and then came to be. 



Read all about the empowering and inspirational women who are a part of the Pro-Age Style movement. These profiles detail the victories and challenges of aging through the words of midlife and beyond women.

Styling with Meri

When I’m not managing my Instagram account I’m usually browsing online for the best sales and new styles to share. If you ever find yourself dissatisfied with your wardrobe, confused by your style or just want to treat yourself have a styling session with me.



Via skype and email we will assess your fashion needs together- your style, what your wardrobe is missing and I’ll help you fill in the gaps or completely overhaul. You don’t need to live in NYC to embrace the Pro Age Style movement.

IN NYC? I’ll come to you

I’ll meet you in a store or come by your wardrobe depending on your needs. We will try things on, find what works on your body type and how you can create a wardrobe you love. In a city of fashion we’ll find something great.

Sessions start at $200 and will be catered to YOU

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